Signs You Need a Roof Inspection for Your Staten Island Home

March 16, 2022

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When was the last time you scheduled a roof inspection for a Staten Island property? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time to make that call! Regular inspections allow you to schedule prompt fixes while alerting you to a roof’s condition overall. In turn, you can budget for roof replacement as needed!

While a homeowner should schedule regular inspections, you might also note some signs that it’s time to call a pro. Having a roof inspection performed when you first spot damage allows for timely repairs. Schedule a roof inspection for your home if you notice any of the following issues around your property.

You Need a Staten Island Roof Inspection for Missing Shingles

Even after a windy day, it’s vital that you schedule a roof inspection in Staten Island if you notice missing shingles. Don’t assume that replacing those shingles is all that’s needed! One reason for an inspection is that shingles protect roof decking; missing shingles can then mean damaged decking. Two, wind strong enough to blow away shingles can damage other roof materials as well.

roof inspection in staten island NY

Above all, it’s vital to inspect a roof that’s missing shingles so you can determine the condition of remaining shingles. If some shingles have crumbled and fallen away, other shingles might soon follow! Consequently, it can be time for reroofing and not just shingle replacement.

Water Stains on the Ceiling? Have the Roof Inspected!

Plumbing leaks can mean water drips and resultant stains on ceiling tiles. However, so can roof leaks! A damaged roof lets moisture into the home which then means unsightly water stains on ceilings. You might also notice stains along walls especially in the attic or upper stories of the home.

Additionally, it’s especially vital that you check for roof damage if you see sagging ceiling sections. This can indicate severe damage behind those tiles, which could also fall without warning. Not only do you want to schedule roof repair, but those tiles need replacing as well.

Never Ignore Buckled or Wavy Shingles on Your Home’s Roof

Buckled or wavy shingles can indicate severe water damage. As shingles absorb water they begin to curl up. They can also pull away from the decking underneath them.

Also, note that mold, algae, and other growth underneath shingles can cause them to lift and curl. These growths then cause shingles to fall away from the roof. Whatever the case, schedule a roof inspection if you notice curled, wavy, buckled, or otherwise uneven shingles on your home’s roof.

Keep an Eye On Your Home’s Interior Environment

A home’s roof plays a major role in its overall insulation. One reason for this is that it helps repel outside heat, cold, and humidity. Two, it keeps in your heated and cooled air. In turn, roof damage can mean stuffy rooms in summertime and cold, drafty rooms in winter. Additionally, roof leaks might be letting in outside humidity, creating overly humid spaces in the home.

If you notice a sudden spike in your utility bills that isn’t the result of a rate hike, schedule a roof inspection. Also, it’s vital to consider an inspection if you notice excess humidity, drafts, or otherwise uncomfortable interior spaces. These can all indicate damaged decking or underlayment, missing shingles or tiles, or other such issues.

roof repair for staten island home

If the Roof Is 10 Years Old, Schedule an Inspection

Roof materials tend to degrade over time, and more so when exposed to harsh weather conditions including sunlight. Additionally, storm debris, branches scraping the roof, and other factors can age a roof prematurely.

Consequently, it’s vital you have a roof more than ten years old inspected regularly, at least every three years. Also, consider an annual inspection once the roof hits 20 or 25 years! An inspection can find signs of aging and wear, and risks of shingle or tile damage. In turn, you can schedule repairs or reroofing before those shingles fall away!

Lastly, keep in mind that a roof inspection doesn’t always mean you’ll need to schedule repairs or a new roof installation. A roof repair contractor in Staten Island might note that the roof is in good condition and doesn’t need immediate fixes. He or she can also typically note its overall age and appearance. In turn, they can usually give you a rough estimate of the roof’s remaining lifespan so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Professional Roofing Staten Island is happy to offer this information about when to schedule a roof inspection in Staten Island. Hopefully you found it helpful when it comes to keeping your home’s roof in good repair! If your property needs roofing services, trust our experienced Staten Island roof repair contractors. We offer 20 years of experience and fully warrantied services. To find out more, give us a call today!


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