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Replacing a roof, on average, can cost anywhere from the high hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, not all roofs need to be replaced. You may be one of the few lucky homeowners who need a few minor repairs done to your roof.

Roof estimates provide you with information upfront on approximately how much repairs will cost. A roof estimate may not be all-inclusive, meaning that there may be a cost that arises in performing the roof work due to damages that aren’t able to be detected during the inspection. However, our legitimate estimates will provide customers with a solid ball-park guess of how much the repairs will cost. Our roof repair service estimates typically include payment information, an estimated time frame, labor costs, materials’ costs, description of the work, guarantees, warranties, and insurance information.

Our roofing company is known for providing the best roofing services in NY area. To determine how much your roof repairs will cost, call one of our Staten Island roofers to get your free inspection. 

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Our Superior Roofing Services in Staten Island

Roof Inspections in Staten Island Are Quick & Thorough

One of the most critical steps in the roof repair process is roof inspection. The inspection includes both an interior and external assessment of the top of the house.  A roof technician will check the interior for proper insulation in the attic, mold and excess moisture, presence of pests, cracks, and wood rot.  They will also check the shingles on the exterior, examine the condition of the chimney, holes or cracks, gutter problems, unusual sloping or sagging, and damage caused by wind-blown debris.  The inspection typically takes 30 minutes to an hour. 

You need an inspection completed by a professional so that important roof issues aren’t overlooked, and no one is injured by a slip and fall. The slope of the roof and the slipperiness of the shingles can be treacherous terrain for an amateur. Leave roof inspections to the Staten Island experts.

Contact one of our team members now to schedule your free roof inspection!

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Roof Repair in Staten Island is Our Specialty

Many homeowners think that roof repair is only necessary when something significant happens to the roof, such as when a tree falls on it, a fire destroys it, or a leak damages it.  However, roof repair is not always based on the most extreme scenarios.  Something as simple as having a few shingles replaced can help prevent significant roof repair costs in the future. 

Ignoring your roof until something meaningful happens to it is not a good idea. Your home is an investment. As such, you should fix what is broken and utilize preventative measures in its upkeep, such as regular roof inspections.  This will save you a lot in terms of costs and emotional distress in the long run.

Whether your case is severe or you want to check the health of your roof, give us a call. Our experienced team of roofers is waiting to provide you with a free estimate.

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Getting Roof Replacement in Staten Island is Stress-Free!

Even though most roof issues are simple and only involve repair work, there are times where the entire roof may need to be replaced. One of the most critical reasons the roof would need to be replaced is because of some unforeseen factors such as weather damage to the roof.  Another unexpected factor is something falling onto your roof, such as a tree or a light post.  Other issues could be the roof deteriorating more rapidly than it should, severe shingle damage, or the roof was on it's last leg when you purchased the house.

In less extreme cases, it may seem more cost-effect to repair the roof. However, if there are too many roof problems, roof replacement may be the better option. Should you fix or replace it? Don’t try to figure it out on your own!

Our technicians are happy to assist you with your roofing decisions and provide you with options as needed.

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20 Years of Roof Installation Services 

Sometimes spotty roof repair patch jobs don't hold up over time. Your house is an investment, and it's important to be concerned with its upkeep whether you plan to pass the home down to a family member or sell it. There isn’t a one size fit all plan for roof installation in Staten Island. Depending on the roof's size and complexity, it could take anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

Weather plays a significant role in how quickly a roof can be replaced. Naturally, if there are clear, sunny days, this doesn’t hinder the labor that needs to be done. The severity of the damage to the old roof can also determine how long it takes. Replacing shingles will be less time-consuming than fixing structural damage from a tree falling on the roof. The materials needed for the roof may also play a role in how long it takes to replace the roof.

Asphalt, wood, and concrete shingles all have different replacement times.  If your home has historical significance, roof replacement may be subject to local regulations and require permissions before work can begin. 

No matter how big or small your roofing project, Professional Roofing Staten Island can install your roof. Contact our roofers now for your free estimate! 

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Do You Need New Roof Construction in Staten Island?

If a homeowner’s roof has been destroyed in a storm or another “Act of God;” or a homeowner wants to add another level to their house, then new roof construction is necessary. Deciding to build your own home? You'll require new roof construction in Staten Island. New roof construction differs from installation or replacement in that the entire structure of the roof has to be rebuilt. 

If you need your entire roof rebuilt or are looking to add on to your home, contact one of our roofing experts for a stress-free quote!

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Commercial roof contractor replacing a roof in Staten Island

Staten Island's #1 Commercial Roofing Company

Roofs on commercial buildings need to be replaced when you see water stains or smell mold within the ventilation. 

Commercial roofs tend to be flatter and larger in surface area than residential roofs. Just like a residential roof, a commercial roof should be inspected at least twice a year.  The problems that arise with commercial roofs can be more costly than residential, so it is best to be proactive in inspecting commercial roofs. 

Keeping the roof intact allows the indoor conditions to be controlled much better, saving on energy, especially during winter and summer.  Also, keeping your Staten Island commercial roofing maintained ensures the safety of the workers in the building and minimizes lawsuits.  Leaks, dangerous mold, and other roof problems could affect workers' health and even damage the business's reputation.  If you are a business owner or property manager, don’t forget the importance of taking care of your roof. 

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