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Why You Need Our Commercial Roofing Services in Staten Island

Commercial roofing in Staten Island is essential because this is where your business is conducted. As a business owner, if your roof collapses or causes a major leak, this could be detrimental for your company's future functioning. Water from the leak can ruin workstations and critical paperwork hindering performance. If the roof damage is severe, your company may have to close for weeks while the repairs are done. This loss of productivity can lead to a loss of revenues.

Business owners and property managers must have the roofs of commercial buildings regularly inspected to avoid significant long-term problems. Periodic roof inspections protect the property and improve the energy efficiency of the building. Enhancing the building's energy is essential because every business wants to have a reputation for being environmentally responsible. Commercial roofing inspection and repair also improve tenants' safety, keeping them from slipping on the water caused by leaks or inhaling dangerous molds that can cause respiratory problems.

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Benefit of Commercial Roof Inspection & Repair

The snow and cold weather in Staten Island can wreak havoc on your commercial roof. Because most commercial buildings are flat, they risk trapping water and ice on the roof that can sit on the roof for long periods. Pools of water sitting on top of the building's roof can lead to roof leaks and other damages. Roof problems are usually not discovered until tenants notice water leaking from the ceiling or start seeing water stains on the ceiling tiles in their offices. As a business owner or property manager, you shouldn’t wait until occupants see apparent signs of roof damages to address roof problems. Instead, you should have scheduled inspections done at least twice a year to detect any potential costly damages and minimize the possibility of liability issues. 

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Staten Island Commercial Roofing Inspection & Repair is Critical

Aside from keeping your employees safe, there are numerous reasons why commercial roof inspection and repair are essential. It takes a lot of energy to heat or cool a commercial building. Having a roof that deflects much of the glaring summer sun's heat can save a lot of energy. Not only this but having a much more efficient roof can make the building more sustainable. ‘Green’ buildings can take advantage of tax breaks because of energy efficiency. Sometimes improvements to the roof can allow for the business owner to pay less in insurance as well. Suppose safety risks are reduced because the roof poses no threat of leaks or other perils. In that case, this reduces owner liability and thus reduces the insurance rates.  

Professional Roofing Staten Island has been inspecting and installing commercial roofs for 20 years. We know exactly what to look for during the inspection and how to protect your roof to reduce your liability and repair and install commercial roofs to improve your building’s energy efficiency. Want to learn more about commercial roofing services? Check out our roofing blog.

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Only Allow EXPERTS to Handle Your Commercial Roofing 

You wouldn’t let amateurs handle your home roof repairs, so wouldn't trust them with commercial roof repairs either. Just like a home, your business property is an investment. Repairs done by amateurs can lead to even more damages and become costlier to undo their shoddy work, performing the proper repairs. When it comes to commercial roof repairs, leave it to us.

Our Staten Island commercial roofing contractors are professionals with many years of experience. We take pride in our work, and we guarantee our roofing services. We start by providing you with a free inspection, examining internal issues related to roof damage and looking for pools of water, mold, damaged shingles, sloping or sagging on the roof, and cracks. After providing an estimate for the repairs, our team of experts gets to work repairing or replacing your roof. Our team removes the old roof, inspects the decking to ensure there is no sagging or rot, install the insulation, and install the new roofing materials.  The most common commercial roof material is metal, but you can choose from Spray-on Silicon, Green Roofing, or Thermoplastic PVC. The entire process usually takes 2- 3 weeks. Once we complete your roof, you will see why we have been one of the top-rated commercial roofing contractors in Staten Island for 20 years.  Our quality craftsmanship shines through.  Besides our quality, you will be happy about the energy efficiency of your new roof. 

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Professional Roofing Staten Island has been providing commercial roofing services in Staten Island and the surrounding areas for 20 years.  We also specialize in residential roofing.  We perform roof inspections, repair and installation for both commercial and residential buildings.  We also use a variety of materials such as asphalt, cedar shake, metal, plastic, tile and other materials.  For more information about our services, call one of our representatives now.  

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