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Every property owner should schedule regular commercial or residential roof inspections for Staten Island properties. A thorough roof inspection spots areas of developing damage, so you can make repairs before that damage gets more costly to fix! Timely repairs also keep moisture out of interior spaces, reducing the risk of damage and unsightly water stains as well as mold growth.

A roof inspection report for properties can also help determine your roof’s overall age and wear and tear levels, so you know when you might need a full roof replacement. Knowing your roof’s overall condition can then help you better budget for a new roof in the future! You’ll know if it’s time to start shopping for various roofing materials or if your structure’s roof should still last for years or even decades.

To find out more about roof inspection costs or to schedule your appointment, contact your #1 choice for roofing in the area, Professional Roofing Staten Island. We offer over 20 years of industry-leading experience and take pride our outstanding customer service that is second to none!

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When to Schedule Roof Inspections in Staten Island

A property owner should schedule a roof inspection in Staten Island at the first sign of damage, including missing shingles or cracked tiles, bent or otherwise misshapen flashing around roof valleys, and bubbling or lifted roof materials. A timely inspection is also an excellent choice after storms move through your area, to note potential repairs including missing shingles or cracked tile.

It’s also vital that property owners consider a tile or shingle roof inspection in Staten Island even for new roofs and those without signs of damage. Roof inspectors in Staten Island can note if your structure’s new roof was installed poorly and needs repairs, and spot damage overlooked by homeowners on a ladder or standing curbside.

A record of annual inspections is also helpful if you should ever decide to put your home or commercial structure on the market! A potential buyer might appreciate that you’ve kept track of the roof’s overall condition, making your property stand out from the competition. To find out more, call us today.

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If you’ve been putting off regular roofing services in Staten Island, now is the time to call Professional Roofing Staten Island. A full-scale residential or commercial roof inspection in Staten Island spots damage even in roof crevices, eaves, trenches, and other areas overlooked easily!

A professional roof inspection allows you to schedule needed repairs before water seeps through worn-out tiles or shingles to underlying decking, the roof’s underlayment, and its joists and rafters. Those quick repairs then protect a structure’s interior from water damage and resultant mold growth, avoiding otherwise unnecessary repair costs!

Our Staten Island roof inspection services also tell you if your structure’s roof is wearing out sooner than it should, so you can upgrade to a more durable roof material such as metal or clay tiles. To find out more about the benefits of a full roof inspection, call us today!

A roofer performing an inspection on a roof in Staten Island.
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Why Call Us For Your Needed Roof Inspection in Staten Island

Your home or business deserves nothing less than the best roof inspectors near Staten Island, which is what you’ll get when you call the pros at Professional Roofing Staten Island. We offer over 20 years of industry experience and specialize in roof inspections, durable and dependable roof repairs, and new roof installation.

When you call our roofers for a residential or commercial roof inspection, you can rest assured that no detail is overlooked and that you’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your structure’s roof. We can also advise on needed roof repairs or full-scale replacement, as well as the best roofing materials for your structure in particular.

Your roof inspection cost in Staten Island is an excellent investment in your home or business, ensuring you schedule repairs at the first sign of damage, and avoiding otherwise unnecessary fixes. To find out more or get started with your needed roof inspection, give us a call!



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Professional Roofing Staten Island is the company to call for all your roofing needs. We specialize in thorough, fast roof repairs for Staten Island homes and businesses, using only the highest-quality materials on the market today. We also stand behind all our work with a full-service guarantee you can trust! To find out more about our roofing services or schedule your FREE consultation, call Professional Roofing Staten Island today.

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