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Cedar shake roofing in Staten Island is an excellent choice for any home. A cedar roof ensures a stunning appearance as well as outstanding energy efficiency. Additionally, cedar shingles are recyclable, making them a very eco-friendly roofing option! Our crew at Professional Roofing Staten Island can explain more about cedar benefits.

If you’ve never explored a wood shake roof, give us a call. We can explain the differences between wood and other materials. Also, our crew can show you how shake roofing stands out from standard shingle cuts! In turn, you can make the best decision when it comes to your home’s roof, and one you’ll love for years.

For all these reasons and more, why not call our expert roofing crew today? We’ll schedule a FREE roof inspection and installation price quote. Our crew uses only the highest-quality materials for every roof we tackle. For more information about our cedar options or your no-cost consultation, contact us right now!

A home with cedar shake roofing Staten Island.
Preparing a home for cedar shake roofing.

What Is Cedar Shake Roofing?

Cedar shake roofing provides stunning curb appeal and outstanding energy efficiency for interior spaces. Manufacturers create a wood shake roof from thick cedar boards or slabs. Sawing those slabs clean and straight creates shingles. On the other hand, shakes involve splitting those slab faces for a more rough, natural look. Cedar shakes provide a unique look you can’t match with standard asphalt shingles or clay tiles.

Additionally, wood provides outstanding insulation for any home. Thick cedar keeps out heat, cold, and humidity while keeping in your heating and cooling. Also, wood offers a very durable roofing material, often lasting decades longer than asphalt shingles. Sometimes, a wood roof might be the last roofing material you ever purchase!

If you still have questions about cedar roof shingles or shakes, call us. We’ll explain your options and their benefits for your property. We’re also happy to schedule a no-cost inspection and prepare a price quote without obligation. To get your property started on the road to a stunning new roof, call today.

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Don’t Put Off a New Cedar Shake Roofing Installation

Have you been putting off a needed cedar shake roofing installation? If so, it’s time to contact our crew. Older roofs tend to let out your heated and cooled air while letting in heat and cold, spiking energy costs. Additionally, roof cracks and leaks let in moisture that risks framing rot and mold growth for costly fixes!

Also, never overlook the need for stunning curb appeal on your property. You should be proud of your home every time you pull into the driveway! Cedar roof materials offer a beautiful aesthetic that offsets virtually every exterior wall color and material. Your house will surely be the best on the block when you opt for a new cedar roof installation.

So, why keep putting off that call? A new roof ensures a lovely home exterior and a solid surface overhead. New roofing can even improve your home’s value overall. If you still have questions or are ready for your FREE consultation, use our contact form or call us. View our previous roofing work.

Cedar shake roofing on a residential home.
A contractor putting down decking for a cedar shake roof in Staten Island.

Your #1 Choice for Roofing in Staten Island New York

Never settle for an amateur when you need cedar shake roofing in Staten Island, New York. Our crew is the best in the business when it comes to roofing installation and repairs. One reason to trust our team is that we guarantee every installation for quality. Two, our contracts never contain hidden fees or surprise charges. The price you see is the price you pay!

Above all, we put customer service at the top of our priority list. Here at Professional Roofing Staten Island, choosing a new roof is often overwhelming for homeowners. Consequently, we ensure to answer all questions before work begins.

With this in mind, why not fill out our quick contact form and let us get back to you? You can also call us to find out all you need about cedar roofing and all our roofing types. You’re sure to love your property’s appearance once our team comes through! For your FREE quote, call now.



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Whether you need expert roof repair or a full-scale roof installation, call the team here at Professional Roofing Staten Island. What makes us the best in the roofing business for your area? First, we never take on a project without a full-scale inspection. Second, we guarantee every job with a complete written warranty! For more information or your no-cost, no-obligation inspection and price quote, call our expert crew today.

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